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Feel free to join our new alliance

We need new people in our alliance you could feel free to join in our name is Megalodon360bros we donate to each other help each other come join in

Hallo! How many members do you have in your alliance? We are also a quite new alliance, with 23 members at now. Perhaps it would be a good thing, to get our 2 alliance together in 1?
How important would it be for you, to stay in your alliance? Or could you imaging, to come into our alliance? The reason for this question is, that I created my alliance together with my 10 years old sun. And he would be more than sad, if I would close this one.
So… if you could imaging to come to us, pleas let me know.
PS: sorry for my worse englisch :slight_smile:

Is it a good alliance more than 1000 trophies or what?