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Feel like I am about to roll in PVP

Finally got regeneration. Just played my first PVP since getting it. Opponent had it too (everyone I fight has had it for about a month now), but I camped in the middle tile and let the fire kill them. The game stated skipping my characters turns last week. Let’s see what glitch it throws at me now that I have the regeneration which is a completely broken power.

Regeneration is good for now, once you get past level 15 it’s not that reliable unfortunately. The bot start to use skills that lower your def, I’ve had the opponent hit me for 15k Damage, yeah 15,000 which by far was the highest I’ve seen to date (this was in pvp)

What’s your renown level and what level are the AI you’re facing?

I suspect that AI strength is tied to renown, so AI difficulty may be gameable.

I’m sitting at renown level 11 deliberately and the AI party isn’t getting harder despite me climbing 2000 trophies.

Hit renown lvl 20 few days back. My guys are lvl 13 - 18. Once you hit arena 7 that’ll be the end of real players, I dont know if renown matters at the point

Honestly, just glad I can finally fight this cheese on a level playing field. I am tired of having to fight people with regen without having it myself. That thing’s worth being at least a whole level below your opponent.

My lvl 11 cleric is still rocking a common necklace. Seems there will never be regenerate in my future

Regeneration is an awesome ability!

I was “lucky” enough to get the Legendary necklace for Halbenet, but I’ve never thought to use it since I did not want to get rid of regen. However, it’s been very useful recently since a lot of opponents I’ve faced uses disarm and immobile. :unamused:

I had the Legendary for a while before I got the Epic. It was so easy to drop down to get regenerate. I was so tired of having to fight that cheese without being able to do it.