Feel like starting over again

Been hovering around 44-4700 trophies for over a month. Nothing changes except a level or 2 on Dino’s. battles just repeat over n over. Incubators always suck just giving useless DNA.

How can I restart when it was fun finding new Dino’s instead of grinding for months to make no progress on the tower to no where


whats your team look like?

Nothing spectacular but just seems like it never changes. You get to the point of unlocking uniques but the obtainable ones are not even good.

i beg to differ. the uniques do make a difference and will get your team bumped up. which are you close to?

you havs a pretty solid team. ive seen guys with simliar teams get up to 4900 even 5000. maybe once you get rid of some of the 20s on there.

tuoramoloch will be unlocked soon which is garbage. Erlidominus or Tryko have to chose between because of Rex DNA.

I am a VIP player and purchase the level ups usually but now it’s just boring waiting and waiting

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I’ve been as high as 4970 I think then losing streak took me down to 4300 lol.

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it could just be the addition or subtraction of one or two dinos. ive never used ankyntro although im sure hes good. i took dilo off once he got nerfed. i used irex for awhile before taking him off. pyrri is good but sometimes hard to win with. never used megalo but im sure hes good.

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With the tank meta right now which is extremely boring I have those guys in there just to piss off the enemy stegod. They put out level 26 stegod and I drag that one battle out for 5 minutes.

Also the SS move needs reworking which will change the way a lot of people play. We all know it’s coming but Ludia literally has given no update to anything lately.

my stegodeus is up to 26 which might put me at a higher bracket. i would advise you though to pick a team to use for awhile and level them quickly. yes the tank meta amd overall most battles can be a little boring and monotonous lately.

got any upcoming bleeders to add soon?

They’re all unlocked but currently useless lol

Maybe it’s boring because if the 5 minute ankyn battles. Why waste your own time?

I just started doing it recently, honestly since I put it in my trophies have gone up.

You sure do have alot of tanks… 4 tanks means you can get matches where your team is all tanks outside of indo you dont have a real tank buster…