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Feeling a bit lost. Team help please?

So, like title says. I was at 5000+ before the last reset, and it’s just been a backslide from there. Currently at 4604 trophies. I’m not sure what went wrong, so I thought I would ask you all for help.

Before 1.6 I had stegod on the team, but she’s benched now. I tried out Magna but she needs more levels. Trying out Erlidom (created yesterday) , that cloak+rampage is awesome but again… so frail. Needs levels.

Anyway. What do? Thank you in advance.


Personally I think you have the right team - you just need to level up a bit; I’m at 5130 and have 2 x L22, L23, L24, L26, 2 x L27 and L28.

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Thanks for the input! I will keep leveling.

My L27 Stegod is still on the team but is next in line to be benched for either L24 Tenonto or Tryko (when I create it) - I would be tempted to put yours back for now until the rest of the team improves - hard to say who it should replace though … possibly Erlidom; I have a L22 as well but only added it yesterday so not 100% sure if it should stay or go. I think you should be punching a little higher than you are - you are probably due a good run :slight_smile:

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I have been having these awful, 6-7 game losing streaks. Repeatedly. And I’m not as bad at the game as that would indicate. So I thought maybe it was a team issue. I have no problem bringing back Stegod; she is great just for that added bulk and being able to tank a few hits. Saved me during that epic strike yesterday.

I’m not attached to erlidom yet, and it is a definite glass cannon. I’ll make that swap.

Thank you again!!

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Hi again!

Just wanted to update. I took your advice. I was able to put a level on Thor yesterday. And I now have Monostegotops, spinotasuchus, and green murder chicken ready as well. But I lack 250k coins to do it! I guess I’ll just wait to do some strikes and earn some coins. Thank you again- you’re the only person who took the time out to reply to me, and I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

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