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Feeling Good!

I felt like quitting but my Alliance is very persuasive and I agreed to elect more leadership and take a break. It turns out the new leadership is all I needed, the Alliance is so active and fun now! Anyway today is my first day back and something magical happened.

I unlocked 3 brand new Uniques!!! Grypolyth was completely today, from 0 to 250 in 2 minuets lol.

Just wanted to share, hope you’re well, having fun. Good luck!



Those are some fun guys to play with. Styigdaryx swooping to grypo is one of the best combos vs a non immune in the game!

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Nice! Now to get them to team level lol.

Creation is the hardest part. The 1st few levels you’ll fly through.


Wow, I wish i found epics that easily

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Sanctuaries are amazing!

bangs head on table

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