Feeling hopeful again

I am close to 4500 which will get me the Aviary arena one time offer plus the tournament epic incubator plus I’m sitting on this and 4 days to do it!image

The matchups are good but it all comes down to the dreaded RNG!

Lost that incubator… Got promoted directly to Aviary when they re-arranged the arenas and wasn’t offered a chance to buy… :sob:

I purposely dropped down to 3900 before the update and was able to get both

I was in ruins at the time

@Rolybert better to invest in coins. they want like 4500 plus hardcash for incubator and most dna is useless, especially when you can get the epic dna during weekly dino events. I used that cash on coins when they were on sale on Monday.

I scored really good on the aviary! 3600 raptor and 500 pyroraptor (I needed it for pyrritor) btw I also got the coin special

Pyro nice. Raptors easy to get if you can play at night.

Even at night in my area they are few and far between!

How is it possible to get sooo many bucks, I just lost my chance to get an one time offer bcuz it costs just too much :confused:

I keep saying I’m done paying money for the game but the game calls to me like a siren

I used to be able to get 10000 raptor dna per night pretty easy. Around 5,000 now when I go out to get some.

They had that darn tempting offer for 49.00 I could not resist it!

I have no sales resistance :joy::joy:

That plus a zero APR credit card for a year doesn’t help!

Btw My cash is now 5000 less because of the aviary offer :wink::wink::wink: