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Feeling Lonely


That’s me. Looking for a lively alliance, full of fun and positive chats. Happy to share and support other players and would appreciate same in return. X


Message @Tori_baugh, she’s the leader of my alliance. I feel we have a great group and I’m happy with our alliance.


We aren’t a big alliance but we are friendly, have fun chats and are always willing to help eachother out. Let me know if you’re interested, we would love to welcome you into our alliance.




Libertas is small now, but we’re gonna grow quickly. Please consider us. :hugs:


You can be part of our alliance " Lords of Jurassic world". It’s an international alliances with active members and ready to help. If you’re interested then msg me :))


Good luck with your search, hope you find a good home :smiley:


Thank you for your replies, guys. Found a brilliant alliance. Very happy! X


Glad to know :slight_smile: but I wish you’d have join our alliance :frowning: