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Feeling sad

So I have been playing this game for awhile, Alice has been my favourite match so far.
However I’ve don’t like the way you guys greyed the storyline… You can’t just have a them tell that they love you and the story ends.

I know this game is pretend, but I need closure. :broken_heart:


Hey there, Nikole_Iris! No need to feel sad. Sometimes, situations can get quite…unpredictable and also full of surprises. It’s still a new experience for everyone. :slight_smile:

However, please rest assured that our team is working hard to expand the content available to you, and we appreciate the feedback!


In your story did alice said that she got a job offer in japan and she had to leave?

Responded to your question in your thread, @Ahmad_Afiq_99.

Yes but I followed her :slight_smile: