Feeling so alone


I feel like i am the only player who is level 8 or above who STILL doesn’t have a tyrannosaur. I honestly think this is why i can’t get more than 2 battles into badlands before the game puts me into a trophy dump and i lose like 10 in a row.

just sayin’


that’s really strange T-rex is the most common epic dinosaur, but I can feel you because I’m level 10 and today I’ve created stegoceratops for the first time, I can’t find triceratops anywere


I just got to level 9 and I’ve been stuck in badlands for months now haha. I was so close to getting to the next arena today but went on a complete losing streak going from 2498 to 2149. I’m clueless on what exactly I’m doing wrong


You’ll get there in the end :kissing_heart:


Look Carls being nice, it’s clearly your lucky day


Your never alone, there will always be someone in the same boat as you,
I’m struggling between 3.1k and 3.4k, don’t seem to be progressing over the 3.4 mark, had 10 attempts at indomnus rex and I’ve only hit 140 but I keep getting destroyed by level 20 I rex


What’s your team looking like? Maybe we can help


Look around restaurants and is it a supply drop spawn dino? Maybe others in here can answer the second half of that sentence.


I know how that feels. I could never find one, until one day I got my Tyrannosaur, found two more and got a level up in that same day. But after that, never found it again, Just a matter of luck I guess


Jealousy is a terrible trait :wink:


Now it feels like I’m the only one who don’t have that damn Stegoceras!! (I’ll complain about that thing in every thread I can!)


Being unable to spell is a worse trait :kissing_heart:


if only they would have had a special event 2 weeks ago where you could dart 6 of them


I have been close to getting this thing for weeks. But I hardly ever see the rare Trike to get the dna for it. As said Trike is at level 9.


guess i should go buy a powerball later then lol


Did something happen? Is he okay?? Does he have a terminal illness we don’t know about???


whilst i am entirely in favor of grammar nazi activities, he did spell jealousy correctly.


You must be fun at parties


He edited his post of course :roll_eyes:


I missed the y off :joy: samsung problems at autocorrecting normal words