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Feeling so bad for unfair RNG


I felt so bad today because of an RNG for my opponent. I mean he missed every single 75% stun. A 1/9,765,625 chance he attacked with 5 75% stuns!! I have told Ludia repeatedly that their system is not functioning. Simple statistics say otherwise.


dont feel bad because it will happen to you too :grin:


It has happened to me which us why I feel bad because of how rage inducing it is.


I can accept RNG in arena.
Is like a soccer match with a particular day where everything go against or for u, even the ref is also on u.
What i cannot stand is the RNG on fusing, is totally unacceptable to fuse unique with few 10x in a streak.
I strongly hope fusing unique will start with at least a 20…that’s at least a minimum to get as the requirement to get enough DNA to have ONE SINGLE FUSE is already so hard.


I dont know where you pulled this math from, but its one in around 10k, not 10M


1k I think.


If you want to find the probability of two events occurring in sequential trials, use the law of multiplication. For example, instead of the previous three-marbled bag, say there is a five-marbled bag. There is one blue marble, two green marbles, and two yellow marbles. If you want to find the probability of drawing a blue marble and a green marble, in either order (and without returning the first marble to the bag), find the probability of drawing a blue marble and the probability of drawing a green marble. The probability of drawing a blue marble from the bag of five marbles is 1/5. The probability of drawing a green marble from the remaining set is 2/4, or 1/2. Correctly applying the law of multiplication involves multiplying the two probabilities, 1/5 and 1/2, for a probability of 1/10. This expresses the likelihood of the two events occurring together.


So yes you are correct I used 25 as opposed to 25% which is 1/4. So it would be 4^5 or a 1/1024 chance. I apologize for my math mistake.


I just did 0.25^5 x 100%
rounded up 0.09x to 0.1 but still thought of 2 decimals xD