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Feeling strangely discouraged


… since the tournament ended, and not because I didn’t reach my goal (came close, which is fine, at least better than last tourney). But that’s not it.

No, it’s a feeling of, Is that all there is?

Not quite ready to give it up, I’ve enjoyed the game very much and spent many fun hours playing it, but… idk how to describe it. :confused:

Just wanted to share.


You are not alone. /soothe

Let us hope Ludia likes us enough to listen to what has been said on the forums for the last month.


The game is reaching a point of repetitive mindlessness for me.

Dart, fuse, fight, bug, repeat.


I get that feeling too. When that happens I just take a break from the game, only playing to dart the Special Event dinos and battle the strike towers but leaving everything else alone. In the meantime I play other games or catch up on some reading or any number of other things to take my mind off of JWA. I’ll eventually start wanting to play the game again once my batteries have recharged. This game can be really exhausting.


Definitely need something else. So much more to offer. Hopefully ludia steps it up this go around. I want more lol. Hopefully we get something new that can keep everyone involved even if not competing in tourneys


This is why the tournaments are a let down.

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We need… Alliance Wars!! OOO OOO OOO Ahh Ahh Ahh! :scream_cat:


I feel like Ludia is actively trying to get people to quit today. The map isn’t loading for me, there is a giant crater in my neighbourhood of nothingness. No road, no drops, just a giant void. Alliance chat isn’t working, even after restarts. RNG is doing an excellent job of piling on more frustration.

I’m pretty sure I e already see two other posts of people throwing in the towel. There is becoming less and less reason for me to continue playing this game.


I’m pretty tired by speed ties. I can’t level my dinos past 30. What a reward for the grind…
Very boring.


They need some themed, separate tournaments to make things interesting, such as battles you can only use carnivores or something like that. And these tournaments must be short, like 2-3 days, preferably over the weekend. Of course, the main tournaments are always there and these are just separate arenas.


Dropped VIP, resigned from my alliance and have stopped active hunting, cause I felt I was going nowhere with this game and darting nothing but Suchomimus didn’t really help… Now, I just dart whatever shows up outside my window, i.e. Suchomimus at home and Diplocaulus at the office, and do a few battles… Anticipate I will be giving up completely very soon, unless something changes drastically with the 1.6 patch…


@Jonus You can fix the map problem by killing the game, clearing your cache and then restart the game. The map will come back.


Don’t get too discouraged. This “game” has a way of wearing on us. I used to feel the same way a lot and don’t battle everyday like I used to. It was much more fun when we could go out hunting and feel a sense of accomplishment, but now it’s nothing but frustration because the window of DNA keeps getting smaller. I don’t even know that reaching the top is a goal although trying is fun! Hang in there!


I canceled all three of the vips i was paying for 2 kids and myself. I do some battles the occasional strike but the spawn mechanics just make hunting boring and thats the whole point of an ar game… add in bugs and ludias ability to fix some things in less then 48 hours and im done spending money here.

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I don’t play for the sake of being the best, I play it because it gives me something to do going to and from work…and weekends hunting with my son is awesome. Sure, I can be competitive, but I always try to have fun with it and never take it too seriously. I actually enjoy my alliance and battle within it as much as I do in the arena. Creating new dinos is a labor of love for me and one I don’t mind working for…and the friendships I’ve made will probably outlast this game for me. That’s priceless…for me. I take it for what it is and enjoy it while it’s still fun. Oh, and I miss you AP! No goodbyes?!


This game is intense and you work so hard to achieve your goals that post-goal blues are almost inevitable - I used to get it when I collected enough DNA to get Stegosaurus up to Level 15 (“how am I ever going to get enough DNA for 16?”) and now I have a L27 Stegodeus.

November-ish I felt “the blues” big time (some may remember my thread “where to we go from here”) but then went on a superb run unlocking Diloracheirus, Magnapyritor, Turoramoloch, Thoradolosaur, Tenotorex, Tyrannolophosaur (thank you Sand Dunes!) and achieving my highest trophy count - and had fun doing it (not so-coincidently dropping Discord and spending less time on here at the same time).

Now post tourney “the blues” are back - of my four remaining creatures to create only one is unlocked and that has a miserly 10 of DNA - looks like a long haul. But hey, been here, done that - bring on the next update and the next wave of play :slight_smile:


I miss you too! Really enjoyed my time with Dunes and met some great people! Sent a mail to @Hersh explaining the reasons for my resignation and messaged my farewells in the Alliance chat, but you probably weren’t around then… At any rate, farewell gorgeous! :):kissing_closed_eyes:


I think your feelings of disenfranchisement are understandable, but if you put it into perspective JWA is just a ‘casual’ game and will always have it’s limitations and couldn’t be compared to AAA titles.

However, if you like and enjoy competitive battling in itself (rather than striving to be rank #1) then there is still plenty of fun to be had. Win some battles, build your team, develop winning strategies. Level up, test out and play a huge variety of interesting dinosaurs. Make friends and help support others through your alliance. The ever changing nature of weekly events and special events, migrations of dinosaurs all keep the game fresh and moving forward, I find all that quite exciting and compelling.


And yet everything the sell they charge us as if they were a AAA title…

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People pay it! :roll_eyes: They shouldn’t be paying for this game, boycott IAPs and Subs to force Ludia to price things fairly, it only encourages them to take advantage of people’s gaming addictions.

I mean I would be ‘strangely discouraged’ if I had sunk a load of real-world money into this ‘developing’ game, as what you’ve paid to gain may not be so great in the end after Ludia’s re-balancing. Personally I love this game because it is free.

But people are stupid with money and this is how gaming companies profit. I think their price-model is very unethical.