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Feelings about the game


Hey there,
I just want to ventilate my feelings about this game so far in here, because I think there is need of it.

First of all, this game is very beautiful, well done graphics made it realy great enjoyment… for few days. After some progress you have absolutely nothing to do except for daily quests/hourly quests/repeatable quests, which are all the same, and another Ludia’s apparently favourite option: spending runes/money for any movement forward. That is realy bad start for such great potential game. Second, releasing “update” where there was nothing updated, that was realy hype-killing move. Adding unattainable and unaccessable things into game cannot count into any updating. And third, the most annoying thing of all ( people would think that Ludia, which has other games know how it goes… ) providing zero support for players, zero information about upcoming events, updates, patches, zero communication on forums, zero communication at all. Right now it looks like Ludia released Light Fury just to suck some money, and thats it. I don’t say it is like that, and I do not wish it, because I wanted to play this game for like years when i saw it. Now I am just enduring, hoping.

Ludia, please, communicate with us, or you will loose us all.

with regards.