Feign Death idea

So I was playing some other, non-JWA games, and suddendly I came up with an idea of a new move called Feign Death. I think it would be a nice thing to have on new dinosaurs or mammals. How would it work?

Feign death
Priority. (Death animation happens. Dino lies like it is slain but without blood). Gain 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage for 1 turn. Automatic swap after opponent’s attack.
Cooldown: 3. Delay: 1.

What’s the purpose of this move? A completely safe swap. Feigning dino would dodge all damage and then swap to next dino which would take no damage.
How to counter this? Definite and precise attacks would be your best bet. Feign Death dodges 100% of damage but it’s still vulnerable to these moves. Precise moves would only deal 100% of damage without removing the effect, while Definite would also remove the effect, just like they remove Cloak. This means that a swap wouldn’t happen, so Feign Death would just be a lost turn.
Second way to counter this move are lockdown abilities. Notice that Feign Death doesn’t cleanse, so a pin would still work. In such situation Feign Death would dodge damage, but it wouldn’t swap.

Who would get this move? Small predators.
Dinos like Compsognathus, Bambiraptor, Coelophysis or Oviraptor
Or mammals like Dire Wolf, Arctocyon, Barbourofelis or Hyeanodon(I know he wasn’t a small predator but this move would still fit him imo)

And one of the most important things, which hybrids would benefit from it? Bleeders. They would use a bleeding move like Lethal Wound and next turn they would absorb all damage and escape with Feign Death, while your opponent would be bleeding out.
Safe swap would also work well with hybrids like rat or Monosteg

What do you think of this idea? Do you like it? If not, you can share your own idea of Feign Death. I would like to see it :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the idea, but it should get killed by on escape abilities, not only precise and definite.

On escape abilities would also damage X(let’s call creature with FD “X”). Let’s take Titanoboa as an example. X uses FD. Titanoboa uses DI so X takes no damage. After Boa’s attack X attempts to swap under effects of FD. X triggers OER. He hasn’t got dodge anymore (because he dodged DI) so he takes full 2x damage. If he survives then he continues to swap. If not, then swap is interrupted and FD is countered

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I like it, but I’d give it a 2 turn delay.

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Depends on which creatures would get it. I’m sure some would be fine with 1 turn delay, but maybe some would be in fact a bit too strong. So maybe there should be two moves: Feign Death and Delayed Feign Death (with 2 turn delay)