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Felicia is coming?

Hi! Long time no see to anyone who might still remember me… :sweat_smile:

Anyway I got a reply from Ludia yesterday to my comment on instagram where I basically asked when is Felicia Fatale coming and they said that ‘‘Soon :wink:’’. Could this mean we’re actually gonna get Felicia this/next week??? :eyes: I really hope so 'cause I’ve been waiting for her since forever!
Anyone else as excited as I am?? Even though my hopes aren’t that high, gonna actually believe it only once I see it.


"Soon" could mean anything with Lovelink. They’ve replied to a few of my Instagram/Twitter comments where I ask when the girls are coming back, and I’ve been getting replies like ‘They’re coming’ or ‘They’ll be back soon’ for nearly two months now. :broken_heart: :cry:

It seems like there is some kind of miscommunication between the dev team and the social media team.


I find it very difficult at this point to not be extremely skeptical. But if she does turn up “soon” that would be awesome.

I’m so bored of grinding with the boys.

I just hope that Felicia has an interesting story to go with the mystique the character has created.


im not holding my breath 1 bit.
be patient
theyll be back

all just a stalling tacktict. at this point ill believe it when i see it

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