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Felt like I won a lottery prize


I about fell out of my chair when the spinner from the tournament landed on…

Felt like I had found a unicorn.


Nice! Did you giggle like a little girl and do a happy dance?



So, it can be done…

Congrats, dude. Good to know it really is possible, however rare. Thanks for sharing.


I know how you feel! Same thing happened. Feeling I had not once, before that I DrakeMall won airpods. I accidentally dropped the phone with such joy, well that did not break, and it would not be something to connect them)


The grind tonight was worth it!!!


Lucky you. After more than 50 battles in the actual tournament I did not even get one of the cheapest card parks or any dino bucks. That’s ridiculous.


Dam that is a bummer @Tommi, I am usually discouraged with the reward wheel in the tournaments since the base level rewards are usually better when you do PvP. For instance the food, cash, and VIP rewards are better on the PvP wheels and seem to hit more often than in the tournament, but every once in a while luck strikes.


You are absolutely right @Sionsith. I have made the same experience, but hope never dies.


I never get this, and thus chap has already gotten this twice now.
Much like a hole-in-one in golf.


legitimately, I have gotten 75-500 DNA 18 times in a row, even missing card packs like the one you got.

I got super frustrated because it missed the gigantophis like 7 times.

In a world of infinite possibilities, you are the kind of person that gets luck 50% or more of the time. I’m the kind of person that falls into the 99.99% unlucky category. It sucks. Enjoy it while you can.

Oh, and after some BS battles today, I might not even stay in dominator league to get it, so yay.

I lost a lot of battles because I faced a few level 30 tourny-hybrid dinos… before I even got out of predator league. Currently I’m sitting in the 90s of Dominator, and I’m sure I’ll have to wake up at 4 tomorrow to grind out my spot to get it, before I need to go to my classes.


@OstaposaurusBae, @DinoStan for sure I feel very lucky, these two times are the only times I have received the top reward from a spin in the tourneys over about a twelve month time frame.


Won one on my son’s account during the Einiosaurus. It can happen


I grinded out for an hour this morning to get back up on the Dominator leaderboard, and it paid off. I got the snakey snake, but once again I got DNA like 7 back-to-back times, and luckily I was cooled down since I traded 5000 DNA for 3 Clock Towers in the trade harbor.

One of those times the card pack came right after the DNA:


I say this spin wheel is run by super sneaky snakey snakes. :woman_genie::snake::dragon: