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Fens explore-event disappeared?

I believe it was supposed to continue 24 more hours?

Calendar this week shows it as two days. I’m annoyed I spent 250 gems for only half the rewards. Please bring it back, and don’t make us have to pay to re-enter.

Got lucky this morning and logged in early and noticed it was close to ending. Didn’t think to check it last night to verify length of event running.

THey made this one 24 hours for unknown reasons

Re activated for 2 days this weekend. Thanks Ludia.

How about returning my 250 gems I lost or making the event free??


With all the glitches and loading errors Ludia should be giving everyone three or four of those Red chests from the store. They are truly testing the patience of their players base and losing people left and right. Some actual show that they are sorry would go a long way……