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Fens reward/Gold grimoire acting weird

The grimoire is acting weird; I believe it showed 40k maximum when I got it, this morning it showed 30000 as maximum, now when I looked at it, it showed 20k maximum and didn’t show how much had I gained from it earlier.

While I initially was excited to get this reward, luck has so big effect on how this works and I felt quite annoyed after having collected only some 6000 gold after completing 15 challenges; I’ve had a bit better luck since that but still not feeling very happy about it.

I could have sworn I still should have some 8 hours left of the Grimoire, but it’s gone now. Last time I saw it, it was showing 1350/10000 gained.

Mine is displaying similar behavior. I got two back to back, so they started at 80k total, then 70k, then 60k, and currently at 50k with 2 days and 7 hours remaining. The usage shows 0, which is also not accurate, though I’ve only used 4-5k since I was working the Silverhand trials this weekend rather than challenges.

it seems like they give you 40k but drop 10k off every 12 hours. I know I had about 8 days worth and only it a gold reward once, so they feel like a nice waste~