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Ferocious Defense Grypolyth [new move 2.2 update]

I tested in more than 10 battles.
The results i am getting is that the move description in turns is completely different in actual gameplay.
1 turn Shield and two turns buff.
The only way to follow the description is if i encounter slower Dino( :rofl: ) or if i speed boost the low legged Croc to a Nitro Croc.

Unless they make the move a priority move. Furthermore it does not make damage as a move,so priority is kinda preferred.

But i would like to test it yourself and tell me your opinions,because i can be wrong.


I got around the same results I’m a bit relieved by it it brings grypo up but not to broken lvls


I am right behind you.The buff is good for two turns but the shield turn is comical.

I got hit by a Dino, i respond with the Ferocious Defense move.
Shield is up and that counts as a turn.WHY?? ( BTW and the buff counted in the first round even it was not deployed)
The shield did nothing.The next turn the Shield will vanish…


Lol hey it got full regen and ferocious counter i think that balances out


But I also wouldn’t be apposed to 2 turn shields

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Shields in general have been a bit broken since 2.0

They don’t take a hit yet disappear because moves and turns are still messed up

Like the others have said, what’s the point in a shield that doesn’t shield?


Aw man, if this is true, I wasted tons of FIP on grypoly…

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It’s still good just not op good

Since It doesn’t do damage It the shield should at least last for 3 turns. After some testing i came to the conclusion that this change didn’t really make grypo better at all. It has the ferocity but the shield goes away way too fast. Grypo is almost always slower, If the shield counter begins just after grypo gets hit, then it’s counting a shield turn that the shield didn’t even get hit. The move could either do damage or last one more turn. Before grypo could at least stall better with the 4 turn shield. I didn’t pay attention and honestly though the move did damage, kinda disappointed now.


Again i see it as sake for balance

Being too weak isn’t balance tho, old grypo might actually be better

I mean I’m down for 2 tun shields max but anything more than that would make it too good i mean it does 1,650 per hit at lvl 26, can heal all it hp in one move, and gets its 38% rending counter with boosted. Adding very long lasting shields would be a a bit much. I think just make it last 2 turns four attacks give it that bit of extra survival it needs against say tanks or some speedsters

It already has 2 turns of shield and It isn’t enough. It doesn’t matter when any chomper will kill It regardless of those things. Having one more turn of shield doesn’t affect it’s counters at all.
The shield lasting so little makes grypo too vulnerable to speedsters. It’s not a dino especialized in countering cunning, sure, but It should be able to tank for longer. I feel that either one more turn of shield or the move doing damage would get It to a good level of strenght. Preferably having an extra turn of shield. Grypo is not designed like a fast fierce like Tryo that buffs itself and pretty much ends the fight on the next 1 or 2 turns. It is a staller, the shield disappearing so soon makes It too vulnerable.

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True but again I’m just saying what ludia probably did last second

What did they do?

Lol changing it from what the original description said?

But It didn’t change?

But still i can see where ya coming from but ive also used it and its a powerful creature especially against tanks and other counter attackers

But what is It actually countering in the end game?
I can think of Dio and lania but most other resilients are fierce too and kill It.

Lol well it technically did see the attacks aren’t very well counted; I tested out with @Qiew, the attack last only around 2 turns and the shield was weird sometimes lasting two or sometimes only 1 if you use a priority move

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