Ferocious Defense Shattering Strike

This move was found in the datamine

Ferocious Defense Shattering Strike:

Destroys shields, bypasses armor, deals 1x damage, and buffs attack by 33% for three turns

Keep in mind this is a BASIC attack, so it has no cooldown…

Not gonna lie, this move looks scary. Lets pray nothing op gets this move


Meg, please :pray:t2:


You have screenshot dude?

Or Diplocaulus

My guess is Allosaurus Gen 2.

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you missed the part where its a swap in move for the unique draco :joy:


Just dont give it to thor


I havent seen a screenshot for it yet. Details are on gamepress’ article on the 1.8 datamine if you want to check it out

This would be a reaally good move for Grypolyth, and it fits with her parent having both ferocious strike and dss :wink:

I hope it goes to something that needs a buff like megalosuchus

There are other datamined moves out there as well that are still waiting to be implemented. I hope to see some of them in a coming patch. Here’s some I’ve seen that still haven’t been used:

Impairing Strike: 1X, no critical chance for 3 turns
Expose Weak Spot: Target vulnerable for 3 turns
Maiming Wound: 1X, .4 Max HP damage for 2 turns
Wounding Impact: 1.5X, .15 Max HP damage for 2 turns
Wounding Rampage: 2X, .15 Max HP damage for 2 turns
Strengthening Strike: 1X, +50% Attack for 2 turns

There are others but no move data was paired with them.

There are other moves that are actually announced that we haven’t got yet either like precise decelerating strike and nullifying counter attack.

Pretty interesting stuff if we ever get any of it

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This will most likely find its way on something in 1.9 they datamined the distraction move in 1.7 that went on monostego in 1.8

This should be on indoraptor’s 1.9 move set.

is the new movement of dracoceratops

This game has been out for a year. No question these abilities will get upgraded in turns. One could be OP until another catch up.

might aswell give it to dioraj.


Use 2 and use a big move, that’s a lotta damage

I’m pretty sure Distraction was announced in the 1.7 patch notes, not datamined.

Its completely possible it was but if i recall correctly when I looker at the 1.7 patch notes after the 1.8 notes i didnt see it. Possibly cause I missed it… but i remember having to look it up on the og metahub site.

And many of this move not add to game

Let’s hope dracocreatops doesn’t get it
Sounds like a move for trystornix or megslosuchus