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Ferocious Pterosaur

I saw a lot of people want a hybrid for this forgotten yet interesting idea of a pterosaur Alankyosaurus. I mixed it up with Baryonx and fished out these stats and moves

4300 Health
1250 Damage
119 Speed
30% Armor
25% Critical Chance

Defense Shattering Strike
Group Shielding Takedown
Invincible Impact
Fierce Rampage
Swap In Invincibility

100% Deceleration
50% Vulnerability

Group Shielding Takedown: Shield for 1 turn, lasting 2 attacks. Cleanse Distraction, Increase Damage 50% for 2 turns, lasting 2 attacks. Basically Bellow but buff instead of deceleration
Cooldown 2

Invincible Impact: Attack 1.5x. Become Invincible for 1 turn. Cooldown 3

Leave your thoughts down below. Hope you enjoyed this!


I like it. I wouldn’t mind another Baryonyx superhybrid, especially since Tryo was nerfed.
Plus Alankylosaurus deserves a cool one, so that’s two birds with one stone.


I like this. Is group shielding takedown priority? I’m thinking since It only has strike moves for it’s first turn the move GST shouldn’t have a delay, specially If It can be used as a team buff for raids too. And maybe the ferocity buff could last for at least 2 turns. I love the concept and the hybrid would look awesome, but i feel It needs those few buffs. It could even have invincibility impact, instead of strike too, just to have a good multiplier for the first turn.

:smirk: :grin:

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Yes. It has priority. I can see it becoming an impact

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Don’t know why I did It but i imagine It would look somewhat like this


How long did that take to draw? That’s amazing

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Thanx! I think about 20 minutes, but I’m not sure :laughing:

Holy Moley. I love it!

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I always thought that Alankylosaurus should have been the superhybrid of ankylocodon and alanqa, not Alanqa and ankylosaurus g2. Then it could have had some resistances and maybe one fierce move. Perhaps that version of Alankylosaurus could have functioned something like this.


How long have you been drawing things like this? I have the handwriting of a 5th graders, much less the drawing skills.

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Excellent drawing! I wish I could draw like that.

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I’ve been drawing since forever, but just for fun. Thought my handwriting is sometimes ilegible lol

I don’t know why ludia doesn’t hire you, that’s art!

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Thank you very much!