Ferocity difference - where problem starts

Short question where problem starts with ferocity diference? I mean which diference number is a problem?

Imagine you have 4 dinos in 1000 ferocity but your top dino is 4000 that’s a pretty problem already is a 3000 difference

My question is what difference can be between dinos to still don’t made the problem and insane oponents?

My biggest difference is 640 ±

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Can give me an advice better experience players? @Aether_12 @Sionsith @Andy_wan_kenobi should i do something with that 640 diference or its still in that same “group” or how to name it.

sorry for tag you guys just need to know if i should target that or i can target on next things in my game

The question as asked is impossible to answer, I was going to respond last night until I realized it is an unanswerable question.


i mean is 640 ferocity diference between dino 1 and dino 2 ok?

@Sionsith maybe this can help you, i have a table with mi teams ferocity: is this Difference or space ferocity in my team still okay?

I’d say the ferocity jump isnt a problem, but how many dinos you have in your top roster. Between my L40 Ostapobabies and my worst L40 VIP (Apata) my ferocity drops by nearly 2,000 over about 25-30 creatures (Ostapo at 11443 ferocity, Apata at 9576). I still have zero problem with my PVE. Not even F4F gives me trouble, however I mainly use my top 15 dinos for F4F.

Fundamentally, there is no answer. One player could have a drop of 500 ferocity over 5 dinos and struggle with events, while another could have a drop of 1500 over 10 and be fine completing PvE.

As long as you are able to complete battles without losing with your top roster dinos or having to speed up the recovery times, you’re okay. If it’s a challenge to win PvE, then reassess your ferocity gaps among your top dinos.


i win without problems all events - fight for funds also

As @OstaposaurusBae said there is fundamentally no answer to your question which I was trying to say in my first response.

The question is based on an individual players style and what they want to achieve, as well as where they are in the game.

For instance I have a gap of 4,763 ferocity between my 1st and 4th creatures, for me I can make this work but for others it would be like having a lvl 20 VIP in the first spot and then level 10 Triceratops in the 4th spot, which would make no sense.

If you want to try and quantify it it would be better to do it as a percentage but even then it gets out of wack a bit and again it comes down to preference.

I have about a 20% drop in ferocity over my top 20 but the majority of that happens by the time I get to my 4th spot which already has a 16% drop in ferocity.

Again it is an unanswerable question and really comes down to this…

If you can complete all of your events without spending DB on cooldowns then you are in good shape, and this should be the stick by which anyone measures their team (IMHO).