Ferocity Incremental per level

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I believe anyone over here already knows the calculation for ferocity, but would anyone knows how much is the increment of ferocity per level ? i.e. if my Indo Rex 2 at Level 11 has ferocity of 4.5k, i can safely assume that the level 12 would have an increment of 10%? or 12%? per each level i increase?

The reason is for me to project how much increment my lower ferocity dino would have to increase its level without surpassing the ferocity that my highest dino already have.

Thanks in advance!

This works for all creatures, except superhybrids, with a very small variance. In general the result is more accurate the higher the ferocity is.
Caution: german number format. :wink:


@Sionsith has been documenting the level changes in stats snd ferocity, so he might know the answer, or at least know the ferocity/stat jump for Indom Gen 2.

For me, I just use a series of equations that gets me roughly the same outcome. I find the ferocity of the L10-20-etc and the L1-11-21-etc and find the difference between both of the ferocities, and divide that by 10 to find the increase amount between each level.

I would calculate it but do you mean Indom Gen 2 or Indo Gen 2?


Thanks Tommi!
This would work for now, at least able to project the ferocity to a rough numbers that doesn’t surpass the highest ferocity dino :blush:


oh yes i’ve tried that too, but due to inconsistent % numbers so I’m not sure if i can assume the same for the next level i.e. would the ferocity grows exponentially when higher level etc

My highest ferocity is Indominus Rex Gen 2 now at 4.5k, the rest is actually around 4k so there’s some gap now

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