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Ferocity Rank by League in Tournaments

Hello community. I hope you are well, this time I would like to share a theory regarding the minimum ferocity needed to compete in each league and therefore get the most Trophies per win (40).

Thank Sionsith and Mary_jo for their posts on ferocity and the database containing the ferocity of each Jurassic and more information.

It all started with the intention of helping the community that struggles to stay in some league and try to give them some combination options and optimize them.

We go with the hunter league, unfortunately the ascent was very fast and I could not get much data. Based on those battles and the 40 trophies won, it can be inferred that the average minimum ferocity required throughout the league ranges from 450 to 600. I leave the images of the battles below.

Once the Predator League has arrived, according to the battles you perform you could say it detects 2 ranks, the part of place 100 to 50 goes from a
the average minimum ferocity of the 700 to 1200 , After 1500 to about 1800, below the images of the battles

Finally, the Dominator League, here the average ferocity indicates that it is 2100 and carries teams with ferocity of 2478, then the battles

As an extra fact I would like to mention a particular combination for this league that I found “cheap” and easy to achieve, it is about:

Ostafrikasaurus Nvl 40
Alanqa Nvl 1
Microposaurus Nvl 40

With this combination you can win more than a couple of battles without much difficulty, since ostafrika and microposaur are constantly broken it is easy to take them to the nvl 40

It should be clarified that in each battle there is also a “lucky factor” in the matchmaking, as well as making use of the strategies that have already been mentioned in other posts and of course the patterns that AI usually uses constantly in battles.

That would be all from me, this is not a general rule, it’s just a theory based on the data I got and I’d like someone to be able to corroborate or share whether the score behaves the same or similar. Excellent night Sorry about the mis translation