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Ferocius strike damage

Well, usually i don’t complain to much about this game, but today i have enough.
I was like every friday doing the epic strike, and i was in the final 1v1 tryko vs gorgosaurus (gorgo already used ferocious strike the last turn) so i used instant distraction to reduce te incoming d.s impact (mi tryko was at 1700 hp and gorgo at 3000) and then finish it with a rampage, then for some reason the defense shattering impact deal 1800 damage (even after i used my instant distraction) and destroy my poor tryko. Unfortunately i don’t have some pic about the incident because i was doing other stuff meanwhile i was in my phone.
So i want to know, there was some sort of secret balance patch were they put the 90% damage reduction on 50% or something and didn’t tell anyone or it is because the damage buff don’t apply correctly, because if i’m rigth the buff comes first, and then the overall damage of the dino is reduced by 90%.

This isn’t the first time i’ve this kind of “problems” but i never complained because they never cost me the battle.

The distraction comes off the base damage, THEN the ferocity is added. So, the net result is like 40% of the intended damage. Here’s a link to “bug report” for the same exact issue:

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work like you think it should.

Logic would say it is 90% of the 1.5x damage i.e. 0.15x base

In reality they stack. For strike it is 1x damage + 50% then minus 90% which overall gives a strike of 40%.

Hope that makes sense?

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Oh, thanks for the explanation

Or, he snuck in with the 10% and nailed you.

Op said George did 1800 damage, I’d hate to go up against one that does 18000 base damage!! :scream:

Mine does about 900 under ID against a tryko.