Ferocius Strike


+50% Damage Increasing including the same Ferocius Strike or not? Because using Gorgosuchus I noticed that Ferocius Strike and Cleansing Impact (without ferocius strike) do the same damage. :thinking:


Strike x1 dmg
Impact x1.5 dmg
Rampage x2 dmg

So yes cleansing impact does 1.5, f strike does 1+50% so they do the dame damage


Agreed, it’s working as intended. The ferocious strike lasts for 3 turns so it will buff cleansing impact and make it stronger… unless a bug is happening and cleanse is cleansing positive effects


Ok, so FS is x1.5 dmg (1+50%) but why I read x1 dmg? And, moreover, Cleansig Impact remove only negative effects (is the opposite of Nullyfing Impact)?


Ok, so, if I use FS or Cleansing Impact I do same damage, but if I use FS and after Cleansing, this one is x1.5+50%?


You want to use ferocious strike first for a 3 turn buff of 50% to your base damage.