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Festival of Festivals

I was thinking that maybe once a year or once a season there should be a festival of festivals. This would last for a week or two depending on when it happens and during it, you could earn seasonal dragon trust points. If the festival of festivals was once a season(four times a year) then the dragons for that season trust points would be available. So for winter, you could earn Snoggletog Toothless, New year’s Stormfly, and Valentine’s day Light Fury. Just a though but I think it would be a nice way for players to earn trust points when it isn’t the time for those dragons.


Personally, I think the 12 “events” we get in a year are enough. Especially cuz this year they are probably going to add another seasonal event dragon to the roster each time (so we’ll have 24 of them by this time next year)

It’d be much better if they make some actual events instead of this copy-paste garbage we are getting at the moment. (couldn’t find a better way of phrasing it). I mean the events aren’t really events. They aren’t exciting nor fun (and the rewards are terrible).

What i’d expect when there is an event is the following:

  1. Great rewards (The regular resources the event line should give you need to be better than what you’d get in regular quests and then on top of that you also get trust). Right now that ain’t the case/ You only get a total of 29k fish at the price of 59 energy so because i already got 3 copies it isn’t worth for me to play the event line at all.
  2. Some new and Exciting Stuff to discover: We need something that makes the event unique (aside from the new seasonal event dragon). Perhaps a new game mechanic that’ll only be available in the event line. (For Dreadfall we could for example have A (or multiple) Pumpkins on the board that make it harder for you to make matches or have some grant special effects when a match is made next to them). Honestly anything new to make them interesting would be great (though plz make sure to test this type of new stuff before releasing it).
  3. Less is more: There are just TOO many events. 12 Seasonal Events a year is just too much in my opinion. Having half or even less would be much better (Especially the way they are now.) Honeslty, whenever a new Seasonal Dragon is announced, rather than being excited about it, I just roll my eyes and think: “Seriously, another one??”

When it comes to point 3, honestly saaaaame. The only TP events that actually hyped me were the :Dreadrall Toothless, Snoggletooth, New year Stormgly and easter Belch and Barf and Freefang (mostly because it was OP and i’m a huge Hookfang fan). I’m also a bit hyped for DreadGlaive but mostly just because I like its design.

At this point it just feel like they release new seasonal dragons just to make you keep the FC

Good point. When there are too many special event dragons you get tired of them. And even more are going to come, villians of berk, cohorts, whatever. Toothless, stormfly and all of those are fine but the seasonal dragons are too much. Thanks for the replies.