Festivus begins with the airing of grievances

This isn’t a troll post, nor is it a straight complaint. The game is actually very fun, but it has massive shortcomings and imbalances. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • It’s very pay2win. You run out of cash quickly, and your progress really hits a wall around level 5 as a free player.

  • At level 8/9 as a paying player, you hit a larger wall. The content pretty much stops as the campaign gets exponentially harder after you open the third challenge. Gear progression slows to a trickle. The game becomes very, very slow paced. You can shoot to level 9 in a few days, and then it pretty much all stops.

  • When you complete challenges, you should get all 3 dice rolls. Higher tier dice should offer far better rewards. Challenge 2 for example, rolling a 2 gets you 100 coins, rolling an 8 gets you 67. The hell?

  • Either pick P2W or pick subscription boost, but don’t do both. Right now the game is very heavy on the p2w and subscription seems like a total waste of money. Without any real group content, there’s no reason to spend money on this game: all players are going to hit the level 8/9 wall and stop together.

  • Arena should not be random teams. There’s no reason I, as an arena 4 player, should still have a random assortment of my level 5 and level 9 heroes. That’s nuts. My victory shouldn’t be determined by an RNG lineup getting smashed by a better RNG lineup.

  • Group content. We need a reason to play together. Clans, raids, clan content. With the level 8/9 wall, there’s not much reason for me to keep playing.

  • Settle down the p2w too. This is a niche game, people should be rewarded for playing and spending a little money, not forced to mortgage their house to advance the next story quest.

  • I got a challenge today involving a hero I have not unlocked yet. Why?

Right now I’m at a standstill. My lineup of level 9 heroes cannot progress in the campaign (too hard), I can only complete tier 2 of the 3rd challenge (also too hard), and Arena RNG has me pretty much stuck at my rank. Progression looks like it’s going to take a few weeks to get the next hero. Epics are very rare, and very expensive. All of my gear upgrades require 200-400 items to upgrade again for commons, and 50+ for the rares. I have very little reason to keep playing as the game is pretty much won for me at my current monetary investment level. Either I pay a ton more only to hit another progression wall shortly, or I stop paying. The latter is a better option.


I agree some sort of clan/guild feature with raids or wars or something would be a good idea.

Very well sumed up. I have 1 lvl6 and 4 lvl5 and experience everything you said apart gear crunch (yet).
The worst for me is the random lineup for pvp, the only game i know doing so… Really a shame for rpg game if we can really call it that way…

Adding to this:

Arena is a joke. NPCs in arena have more range than normal players (I can attack 2 squares away, they can do it three squares away?). You can never climb to the top of arena because it’s full of NPCs with far more gear than you’ll ever have. Level 8, Arena 4, and unlocking the 3rd challenge is entirely softcap for this game. That’s a real damn shame.

I agree with all of this except the group/clan stuff. Too many games put emphasis on that, meaning if you don’t you are left out of too much loot/content and it turns the game into half baked MMOs, and I like this this is largely a solo friendly game. It doesn’t need clans or similar such systems.