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Few ideas for game

Hello, as an introvert I will go with my ideas directly

Allosaurus Gen 2 (correct model) Tournament creature
Alloraptor - Deinonychus + Allosaurus gen 2 (yes I come with this again bec i really want allo with correct model and hybrid from raptor with, as Allo and raptors are my top ones, sorry :smiley: )

Dire Wolf - Cenozoic cavern - tournament or vip

One more snow vip creature with balanced stats like hyenodon (we need one more vip snow with good stats as there is zwo cavern, two savannah, but just one snow with stats, which are… well I call creatures with those stats like thylacosmilus “Fast killer” They fast kill opponents but also they faster dies)

Increasing park level - there are some expansion on second island left so…

Third island - with bosses and new creatures we need another island, another place to put it

Cenozoic island - I think it would be nice to can put paddock with cenozoic to the park around decorations and buildings, same as land

Creature nicknames -I wish we could nickname every creature in park (aquatic, cenozoic included)
Nickname could be able after level 40 of creture is reached first nickname for free, rename alredy nicknamed ones can cost a small amout of bucks

Snack: Interaction with already maxed creatures - no serious efect - just for fun. It would be nice if we still could feed maxed creatures with some special food

thats all for now :smiley:


really good idea, also I think stego gen 2 with better model(higher tale), another paras with better model(gen3?), a super good amphibian with grypo or kapro gen2

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also gen 2 fury return

Some of these suggestions are very good, wish Ludia will look at them :frowning:


Nice idea, however I’ve thought of something a bit easier to implement, once we click on the bio dome we can enter the bio dome which would be about the size of nublar, paddocks can be placed inside the bio dome along with roads, decos and buildings.

An idea I’d really like to suggest would be to lift the maximum level restrictions on certain dinos, commons, rares and super rares could be taken to level 80 making them more useful in PvE and tournaments. Making hybrids would still be at level 40 but after making the hybrid your given the option to evolve the creature further once level 40 has been reached again. And in the future there could be further levels for legendaries and tournament legendaries also.


U know what
I really want Changes not only in the behavior or animations of the creatures but also the park as I want the park to be like peeking in to the paddock from outside and like jwe type
U know what I mean

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I think specific animations for each creature may be asking too much. It will prolly take a lot of time to create/animate new movements and behaviors…

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Ya it will
I do know that but we r having fun playing this game with birds eye view park so I thought these changes will make even most of the world play it
Like India for suppose most of the people don’t even know this game they only and mostly play free fire
It will help a lot

I think we could already sell the creatures without incubat, that would help a lot for the person who has 99 majungasaurus
Another idea is about battles, we often bring strong creatures, and it turns out that the last one is not used in battle, those that were not used could have the waiting time cut in half

My english is bad, so I used google translate, sorry for any write mistake


agree :slight_smile:

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So true. its annoying when you have 30 commons that you’ll never use

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let me just say I love all these ideas. I really hope one of them will reach ludia


thank you, I hope so, but o be honest Most of all I hope for allo g2 true model, and alloraptor hybrid, I am sorry I know I am maybe annoying with that Already, but that is just my biggest dream.

I think that a combination of the Indominus Rex and the Dilophosaurus would be AWESOME. It’s a carnivore, and it should be a little OP, considering that you need 64 T-rexes, 64 Velociraptors (to get enough level 40 Indominus Rexes), and 2,000 Dilophosaurus S-DNA (that part you can change). It would be amazing if this was in the game, and it would be an enormous reward for loyal players who stick around for so many years.


This is a excellent idea, love the design, I hope this get implemented, it would be better or equal to indo raptor,
Also welcome to the community, I hope you are going to enjoy being with us all in this amazing forum :grinning: :grinning: :wink: :wink:
P.S: you dont need 64 velociraptor or trex only 8 of each and then buy more indominus rex from the market.

I love the allo gen 2 and the alloraptor