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Few questions


As I can’t see what some of the dinos are in the arenas, do one of the arenas carry Blue DNA? Curious, because I have Blue and I want to level her. Just curious if I’d be able to get her DNA through the arena incubators.

Another one, why are some people’s forum names a really light color that I can barely see? And why does it have to be barely visible?


For the Blue DNA as far as Lockdown goes it or any lower arena do not carry Blue DNA. The only way I know how to get Blue DNA is from weekly events and this tournament.

For the other question I really don’t know.


Well shoot. I’m hoping the ones higher than that one will. The other raptors are in the arenas but not Blue herself. :frowning: That makes me sad, she’s my favorite dino and I have yet to see her spawn in my area.


She’s not in any arena incubators.


Well then I’ll wait patiently for events whenever they pop up that may have her or hope to find her in the wild. C’mon Blue, stop being so elusive! I know I’m not Owen but please!!! ;~;


Unfortunately Blue is not in arena incubators. You can see all the dinos rewards for arena tiers here

The gray names is because they are new on the forum or casual poster, as I can understand. I don’t know why Ludia want to let us know that, maybe it is for the mods to take a deep look on what they post?