Few spaces free in our Alliance

We are currently having a clear out of the less active players, so if you are active daily feel free to send a request to The Grown Ups :slight_smile: We don’t care what your level is, trophies, or how long you’ve been playing… just as long as you are active :slight_smile: If there is the odd day you can’t play, then we won’t kick you out just for that… We aren’t that strict haha. If your usually pretty active then that’s fine! We always shout out to see if people are still playing before we boot anyone :slight_smile: We are a mixed bunch as far as player levels and trophies go… About half of us are Really active so trying to get that to all or us or as many as possible atleast!

We have one rule, which is to thank those who have donated to you I’m the chat, so that we can see who is actively donating on a fairly regular basis. Makes it easier for me to police as I don’t see who is donating to others :slight_smile: