FEW SPOTS REMAINING! MrGoodbytes is looking for bodies! Join my Alliance for Guaranteed Goodies

I simply want people who are active on our Discord. That’s all. Do your 10 takedowns and be active. You’ll get Raids each week. Access to all the resources you need including all kinds of high level allies, Level 20 Sanctuaries, pizza… anything your heart desires.

Just ping me and you’re in. I prefer Australians, New Zealanders, Pacific Islanders and select Asians, but we’ll work with you.

Just add SophieSchweinitz#1197.

Any level welcomed. We just want you active. We will build you.

Must be between 23 and 47.

This is PART 3 of The Purge in my Alliance. So sign up today because spots are limited!

What does that mean? Age?

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Meaning you can’t be younger than 23 but no older than 47.


Wait hold on… are you willing to give me pizza if I join :rofl:

My incentive to join has went from 1 to 10000

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Yes. It was a joke. I just wanted someone to question it.

Yes. I would love for you to have a pizza.

Great so you’re coming?

Yum! As much as I’m enticed by pizza I have an alliance I’m running so I can’t join your alliance. Hope you get the recruits though :grin:

Well… we do have this thing we are willing to do. We can set up a deal. If people are no longer qualified for yours they can come to ours like a feeder system. We will rebuild them. They will be bigger… stronger… faster!

Another thing I was willing to do was called body swapping where we all swap active bodies back and forth until both Alliances are full to capacity to have both benefit from having actives in and out in and out constantly, but just putting that out there.

I will consider joining

Yeeeah. There you go. Just sit back… relax… and let those brain muscles work. Have a soda with extra fizzle.

Please friend me on discord so we can talk about this in private. MINMI#4136

    / |
   /  /
  |  |
 /   |
|    \_
|       \__ 
 \        __\ _______
  \                   \_
   | /                   \
   \/                     \
   |                       |
    \                     \|
     |                      \
      \                      |
      /\    \_                \
     /  |      \__ (   )       \
    /    \     / |\\  /       __\_
snd|   ,      | /\  \ \__    |     \_
    \_/|\___/     \   \}}}\__|  (@)   )
     \)\)\)      \_\---\   \|       \ \
                    \>\>\>   \   /\__o_o)
                              | /  VVVVV
                              \ \    \ ----- Join MRGoodbytes!!!
                               \ \MMMMM 

Then we shall close the curtain on this exchange.


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