Few things what I don't agree


First sorry for my bad english, I’m not from England.

I just fought few battles and saw few things.
First one is: Distracting impact’s info tell, deal 1.5 damage and enemy damage is 50% lesser for 2 turns or something like that. It DOESN’T do 1.5 damage, it deals 2x damage!! I fought against Spinotahraptor and it did over 1100, but her damage is something 600-700!! And if asked from me, normal Spinosaurus (rare) is too weak for rare!! I have it at level 7, but It’s damage is low, hp isn’t high and her battle moves are almost useless! Why she doesn’t have armor piercing strike like almost every other big carnivore!?
If asked from me, Spino should be common with those stats. Then is Cloak which have 50% dodge chance! Isn’t that little bit high? And then is also 2x damage at next turn?

And for those players, who don’t know Spino’s abilities, they are Strike, Wounding strike and Expose weak spot.

And I readed one text from forum and I agree about T-rex. She should have Immunity. Tyrannosaurus shouldn’t die so easily for Raptors. She have strong attack, but it’s gone, if she get 50% less damage.

I don’t now anything else to say, I hope you will tell, what YOU don’t agree!

This I forgot, but I don’t start to talk about Velociraptor. Everybody know, what is problem with her!


Not really. Everybody has an opinion on velociraptor and each opinion is so different from the rest, lol, so no, not everybody knows what’s wrong with her. I believe velociraptor is good, she only needs to be unable to switch after using Pounce so that the opponent can fight her.