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Fewer daily mission tasks?


Seven. Every day, 7. I always open the game as soon as I wake up because I know I’ll have to do battles in some form to complete a daily mission, and since A) I hate battling and B) it’s easier in the morning, I want to get that reward out of the way early.

Except today I seem to have 6 missions instead of 7, and none of them are battle related. Did…did Ludia listen to my responses to the poll? And implement it immediately? Seems highly unlikely, but I can’t think why else this beautiful thing has happened.

Well, except that the daily defence mission and Saturday’s epic strike event have eloped and that’s why I can’t find either one… :laughing:

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I have 5 today :thinking:


Hmmm. :thinking: Did you say in your poll (if you filled it in) that there were any daily missions you hated or which slowed you down?


sometimes I have up to 8 missions now only 5 and no battle or open a daily incubator so I can camp just above 4750 :stuck_out_tongue:


I had 9 today including the daily defense mission.


I have 7 today, and no battles and no daily battle incubator. I always assumed people got the same number and type as each other each week.

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I only got 4 today

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the second one is the battle 12 times?


Yeah , pretty annoying since it takes like forever

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yeah that is the most time consuming one :smiley: luckily friendly battles count so it helps a little


I get 7-8 missions for day 1 and then 4-5 on day 2 .