Fewer green supply drops?

Went to walk my dogs around the neighborhood and do some dino hunting before it was too late and I noticed that I have ONE green supply drop in my entire neighborhood. I use to have 4-6.
Where did they all go?

WiFi disconnected. Lol

Ludia has been spreading them around not in accordance to population density but randomly across the map. The lack of green stops isn’t infuriating but rather one getting all darts and no coins from spinning it when that particular green stop is the only one within walking vicinity.

I’ve seen a lot fewer as well…
It’s not fun like this.

Was much better before and didn’t need changing

A lot of my closest green supply drop get taken out by strike events, but from you pics if that is what has happened you’ve been very unlucky, given how few strikes are showing.

Its annoying for me since I live in a rural area. :frowning:

And I thought I was overreacting when I asked my friend if he noticed that there are fewer event supply drops today.

My usual route typically has a decent amount and I could easily hit 2000-3000 coins but today I barely spin more than 5, chalking only 800 coins.

No worries.
We have coins on sale in the store.
The best deals ever.
Prepare your CC and all is set…:+1: