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Fewer tournament dinosaurs

I am very happy that the people are giving so many new dinosaurs, but there is already a tournament crush.
Weaker rank dinosaurs would come in handy, such as:
rare, super rare and common


I enjoy all of the new tournament creatures! I think it contributes to the longevity of the game. Hard to keep up with them loll. Even the Gen2s and Hybrids are pretty neat too.

I’m all for new creatures…even at the lower end. When they released Ophiacomimus I didn’t need it for anything but I definitely still enjoyed it!


Yeah we need legendaries, super rares, rares and commons so that new hybrids can be added which are n’t tournaments.

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Or you know unlocks for all of the ones we have.

Hello raja tournament!


why do ppl want a raja tourney

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We want the unlocks. We don’t care how.


oh alrigth cause i already have him so i was confused to why

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Unlike most dinosaurs, it’s not available via battle stage or unlock events, although if you played before November 2019, you may have unlocked it in a battle stage after which it was removed from battle stages.


Yep. Besides gen 2 fury is usless considering that you can unlock only two gen 2s with it. Commons are basically extinct and the only creatures that are rare or super rare were hybrids

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Yes Yes Yes!!! :pleading_face:


yeah i got it from battle stages

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