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Fewer treasure chests than usual?

Noticed this on Tuesday, too. The treasure chests seem to be spawning much, much less than usual. I went out for the first 6-hour treasure chest on Tuesday and after driving around for 40 minutes I didn’t see any, to the point that I raised the question to my teammates and they though maybe Ludia “forgot” due to the new patch. Thing is, the 2nd and the 3rd treasure chests did spawn later. The 4th was not in my viewing distance (never a problem before) and as it was late night in my time zone I didn’t want to go out there and aimlessly spend another 40 minutes like I did with the first one just to come back empty-handed.

Fast forward to today, I saw only 2 treasure chests as I was being driven down a freeway for a 15-minute stretch. Getting home, there are none within visible range, and I didn’t see any from the exit to my house. So I missed the first one again. As of this post it’s time for the 2nd 6-hr spawned treasure chest and again, none visible from where I’m at (when there used to be at least 1 if not 2 always).

Anyone else experiencing this?


Yup. I have to go at least a mile before I see one. Sometimes I pass through a town and not see any :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The whole map is screwed not just chests.

I live in a small town I’ve walked the entire place and there are 0 chests and 2 greens spawns and 1 little strike tower, plenty of regular stops. Normally we have a good mix. So I walked out of town to the forest and now i have hundreds of green drops and a few big strike towers and 0 normal stops.

On my way to work the pattern was the same. Urban areas all normal stops non urban all green…then I get to work and there are scent strikes. I walked 10km travel 60km to walk and didn’t see one ever. Now there are 15 scents in the area of 1 km??? What on earth did Ludia program here!!!

They do seem reduced. Only seen one since the update

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I always have issues finding coin chests. Seems like when I do find one it’s in an area inaccessible to me. (Gated community, industrial work site etc. I can’t walk close enough for the full coin reward)
Parking lots that I know are full of supply drops hoping one will be a chest are strike towers only.