FF XV guild


Hey everyone. I made a guild in FFXV where we can work together and speed up the process to get our cash rewards. The guild is called Jurassic. You are welcome to join if you want to work with other people.


What is FF XV? Didnt know this game had guilds…


Its final fantasy 15. You can get cash for Jurassic world if you complete certain requirements. It’s just a city building game, but people in a guild can send troops supplies and help speed up building times for each other.


What an awesome idea! Thank you!


I tried joining, but the game told me I couldn’t because it’s in a different realm. Whatever that means. :-1:t2:

Nice idea, though!


Sorry, I don’t know what that means either.


Hey guys, that different realm thing is like how some games have servers where you play on (like EUWEST-1 or something like that), @Conrad_Brown when you start the ffXV game, before you login you should be able to select a realm or something, there check what realm you are in but DO NOT press a different realm, because that makes you start over and you might not be able to find your original realm(if you forget it or something) hope this helps :smile:


Thanks! The realm is Verdant Province2067. We currently have 72 members and it’s growing fast.