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Fidelity prize?

Anybody else’s prize drop go to reset today but instead glitched for an additional 6 days from now?


Yep, seems to be a global issue


I hope they keep it!!
I have the possibility to get gold prize!!!

Yes. Many of us… Already mentioned in another thread but worth repeating here as well

How? The progression bar is locked meaning you cant reach gold

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Please ludia can you keep it I want the gold prize!!!

I can I just bought ticket and got a quarter of the way there!

Oh I see it hasnt reset for you because you havent filled the bar

Well I recommend going for it and if they fix it I would recommend paying the bucks for gold fidelity


how much is it???
I am at 600 and I want to use it for gyro, to get some beautiful PYRORAPTOR

Not sure but I would save at least 500 if they reset it by tomorrow

But how chanya never give me good dino bucks trade!!!

I didn’t go in, but I hope it doesn’t happen to me!

The timer reset but players progression for last week didn’t, the team is aware and looking into it


Same here, so bad

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Gold fidelity it’s ~1500 bucks and diamond is ~5500 bucks


Well, I hope it gets fixed soon!
Thank you!

could you please not reset I want this gold wheels!!


Just curious if everyone sent in tickets for this issue?

If Ludia decides to give people without VIPs a chance to reach for a diamond, it will be great ,but as we know it is impossible. :pleading_face: .

You can reach diamond prize as a non VIP by buying DB tickets. You end up buying about 3,000DB worth and you’ll be able to buy out a diamond pack the following Monday. For about 5,000 DB you get the gold spin too and than buy out diamond the following Monday.

It is the only way non VIP can get some of the 50,000VIP point VIP Dino’s.