Fielding a team with no uniques

I am doing a team with no uniques for my 2nd team. I am at the point where I need to decide whether to stay the course or cave and start creating uniques. The problem is I am getting matched up against uniques in almost every battle (including AI) with my level 16-22 team. I still manage to win some of those. My thinking is it will be easier to get new additions up to team level.
Anyone else doing this that can say whether it’s worth it.

There are a lot of really good legendaries and epics. You have moth, indo gen 2, as the best legendaries in the game that also counter many top tiers. Entelemoth, for example, can beat both gemini AND mammolania. Phorasaura is an important one to work for as you have 2 rampages with 2.8k damage each with 130 speed. I would also work on thylacotator as, in a boosted arena, it is very strong as you only boost hp. Monostego is a very strong legendary that has access to probably the best swap-in move: swap-in stunning strike. Other creatures to consider are tarkus, mammotherium, tryo, indom gen 2, and procerath

Great input. This is my team. I am leveling up indominus past the point of using the DNA for a unique so I need to decide if I should keep going or not. I started this after the Mammoth was featured so I don’t have any of that and my alliance doesn’t put it in sanctuaries. I may need to switch alliances.

Allorap may give you trouble keeping her leveled after awhile, but she is definitely useful for taking on almost any tank. She’s a 50/50 for taking out gemini, and if mammolania (if you end up facing one in the near future) is around she can leave it with 50Hp on equal levels and if it doesn’t use dig in. (dig in will make it faster )
So far tho, your team looks pretty good. Had any chance to try out keratoporcus?

I would tell them to put mammoth in, and if not, then switch alliances. I would try to work on indom gen 2 if possible as well. Alloraptor is another good chomper, but I say you need a mammoth hybrid, particularly moth

I was wanting to create kera so I could try it out but it didn’t do as well as I hoped. I may try it again.

Indo gen 2
Procerathomimus (sadly)

Personally that’s the team I would run

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I’d take carbo out for mammotherium

I dunno where you are regarding trophies, but I’m playing unboosted and don’t have any uniques and sit around 4750.

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Another creature I forgot was sarco. This thing can bring the hurt turn 1 and it’s ability to cycle is great. It’s easy to farm and level too and performs well.

My advice for keeping the game fun is to just level as many creatures as you can to team level. Then you can make all kinds of teams. Below are just the epics and legendary’s I have at team level 20. I have others on the way and play those but this is my team minus the 19 uniques. I do go through and play them all.

Epics n Legendarys

For this coming month with Titanoboa, I did purposely push my trophy’s up to just above 4250 but I’m not trying to push to my best teams trophy limit. So I play weaker teams that win 50/50. Today I put an ‘A’ team together to push my trophy’s up for the coming rewards. Then I can let myself sink again.

This would be an example of a wining ‘A’ team although there are other good ones I could have on my team.
My Team 20200331

For a good team you could put together, this one would work. Marsupial Lion as a Gemi-Ardentis counter.
My Team 20200401

For me the idea is to play teams around mid-strength most the time and bring out my ‘A’ teams when I have need or reason to just win a few like I did tonight.

Keep faith; my alt team is unique free and has made Library … rising stars are Carbo and Sarco, I-Rex is a beast and Tyro is a star in this and my main team

I don’t have an arena team of non uniques. But I do have all legendaries for my friendly team.