Fierce Abilities need negative affects

Since Resilient imposes vulnerability, cunning reduces damage and Crit Chance, should fierce have an additional negative affect on attack? Like small DoT? Or even swap preventation?

We’re already in a fierce meta. They don’t need a buff.


Fierce should probably get swap prevent, except the meta is so resistant that it should be something else. Maybe like chance for auto swap?

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Knowing ludia the second rexy and thor get buffed we’re in something cunning-resilient

Yeah, it seems like they circle through rarities buffing them. Recently it was resilient, ow it’s fierce,next it’s cunning?

Fierce do have negative abilities. It destroys shields and bypasses armour.


That’s the nullify. Cunning nullifies increases in damage and Crit while resilient removes dodge and cloak and speed increase.


How about leave them as is? We’re in a fierce meta already


What would be the point?

Vulnerability and Deceleration are given to Resilient abilities because Vulnerability and Deceleration are Cunnings’ two main weaknesses, hence why the Resilient and Superiority line of attacks inflict those debuffs. Both have the advantage of cleansing Distraction and the added benefit of removing Dodge and Speed buffs in the former, as well, but that’s because that’s how Cunnings keep themselves in the fight, by being faster, dodging and keeping their opponent’s attack stat down.

Cunning abilities nullify Attack and Crit buffs as well as inflict Distraction and cleanse DoT for similar reasons: Distraction being the main weakness of the Fierce Class, while buffing their attacks and Crit chances is one way for a Fierce to inflict a lot of damage, while DoT abilities are another.

Fierce abilities ergo wouldn’t have anything to gain from a debuffing side effect, because they not only do their job well enough as it is, but most Resilients don’t really have any stat buffing abilities (key word being most) anyway, and most Fierce creatures have high enough attack stats that any healing abilities the Resilients have get rendered moot.

Giving them a debuff effect would just be overkill, and it’s unnecessary and not needed anyway.


I feel like breaking shields and penetrating armor is already enough.


If it wasn’t for Devour, I would advocate for DoT, since Cunnings inflict Reduced Damage and cleanse DoT, Resilients inflict Vulnerability and cleanse Reduced Damage, and Fierce cleanse Vulnerability. It would essentially be a more complete circle.