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Fierce Changes

A while ago I saw somebody mention that one of the reasons that the fierce class is underpowered is the lack of a way to negate incoming damage. One way this could happen would be a heal called Feeding Frenzy. When a fierce creature gets a takedown they could receive a heal of a certain percentage of their attack, cleanse, and get a buffed attack and crit chance by a certain amount. Although this does seem sort of over-powered it is rare that you will get a lot of kills as you can only get 3 per game. Another idea would be an alert ability called Adrenaline Rush. When a creature’s health is below a certain percentage it cleanses, gains attack, crit chance, and maybe a bit of speed. This will hopefully help fierce creatures be able to better counter resilient creatures by being set up after a kill to take another one out. Of course as to the specifics of the moves I don’t know what they would be but let me know what you think.


Pretty good concept!

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Sounds like a good idea but the moves would probably have to change a bit.

Yeah I am not that good at specifics but just wanted to throw an idea out there.

I think the concept is fantastic, and fits with the Fierce Class’s general role as Revenge killers. I think that it should probably be limited to Either a heal on Kill OR an attack buff though (Maybe make it an alert ability that heals when below 30% HP and buffs when above 30%).

We could mix this in with other possible sustain options (Like Healing for a percent of damage dealt) to allow Fierce creatures to trade damage into Resilients and other Fierce Creatures without buffing them vs Cunnings.

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That actually sounds really cool!!