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Fierce Epic Strike Event


What are your strategies on this strike event??
All I know is that my dinosaurs are going to be more “fierce” than the AI’s when I battle them :joy:
Me: maybe like gorgosuchus/tryostronix, utahsinoraptor/pyrritator/spinotahraptor


What are the dinos and their levels in the strike event?


to wait for @Hersh’s video, obviously.


This thread is a breath of fresh air :grin:


Just finished a few minutes ago with Pyrritator (18), Indoraptor (23), Allosinosaurus (20) and Indominex Rex (20).
Fairly easy.
In the first and the final battle, I only used 2 dinos to finish.
The order of dinos:
Battle 1: T-rex, Irritator, Gorgosaurus
Battle 2: Allosaurus, Secodontosaurus, T-rex G2
Battle 3: T-rex, Irritator, Gorgosaurus
Got the following:
227 T-rex DNA
117 Secodontosaurus DNA
292 T-rex G2 DNA
287 Irritator DNA
2425 Tabosaurus DNA
3250 Allosaurus DNA


Did AI swap out for Irritators SIA?


No, it did not. No crits too.


(Sorry Guys, my screen recording failed on the last battle, hope the first 2 help tho)


I accidentally sent out gorgosuchus first step 1, still ended up winning tho :joy::grinning::grinning:


How are my chances? :smiley:
I‘m not sure about my strategy, perhaps I‘m gonna use Spinotahsuchus, Suchotato(lvl 15)…Allosinosaurus and Utasino? What di you think?


I think Velociraptor could be an option. :thinking:


Thanks for the recordings! They really help

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I’m gonna tackle this thing after work!!


For the Last Battle my monomimus 15 let’s t Rex at 600 Hp, but indominus Help rlly in 2nd and 3th Battle (dodge a 1,5 iritator under RTC), dracorex lv 20+ is rlly Nice too


Nice vids @Hersh … guess I’ll be starting with Suchotator then :slight_smile:

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Mines L23 and favour it over my L22 Spinotasuchus … more versatile; your vid reminds me I need to use it’s SS move more … often forget


18 - Suchotatot
18 - Gorgosuchus
20 - I-Rex
20 - Velociraptor

First two battles I did fine. Last battle failed due to AI getting critical hits. In the last battle losing the Suchotator on the opponents first dinosaur’s first one hit critical attack hurt badly. I don’t think the velociraptor was a good choice in this for me. She can do a lot of damage but not enough to one hit anything that is going to kill her in one hit. She’s only a one hit wonder good for batting cleanup on the last half dead dinosaur. And on a team with no SIA dinosaurs that’s the only time she would have been a viable choice.


Your deck should be spinota, tryo, irex and one SIA dino maybe your dg2.
Spinota face T-Rex round 1, bleed it to one hit. Sacrifice your spinota for bringing in tryo.
Tryo ferocious kill T-Rex, then stack rampage on irritator. (If not dead yet then bring in your draco g2)
Round 3 you use dg2 take some health off from gorgo. After your dg2 sacrifice, bring in irex to finish the battle.

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Managed it with 20 indominus and 17 pyrritator. Lucky that nothing got crit, and my indominus dodged all the important attacks.

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