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Fierce move suggestions - to help with resilient battles

So a lot of people have pointed out that resilients need to return to speed deceleration, and that’s fine, if Ludia choose to do that. However, I still think it’s nonsensical that we’d have to give speed immunity to all the fierce dinos just for them to survive against resilients.

With that in mind, if speed does become prevalent again among the resilients, how about moves like these to help fierce finally return to greatness?

This would help with the slowing moves. This would only affect resilient dinos, since it would only take affect when the dino is slowed (much like how Alert Scurry only works when the dino is threatened). It would also make players think a bit more, before they use longer decelerating moves.

Something to make chronic Magnus/Rhino users think twice - if the fierce dino is stunned, they still attack (think of it like the dino got hit, and collapsed onto the opponent by accident - or just simply copy Pokemon’s excuse, that they got confused, hence the title). Stun is, after all, a resilient move, and fierce are all about dealing damage - it makes sense that they’d react more volatile towards a headbutt attack.


I’d love for resilient moves to go back to applying deceleration, but whether that happens or not, fierce do indeed need a lot of help. Some of them should be immune to deceleration, but the ones that are not should have other ways of surviving and countering resilients. Another way is being bulky enough to survive any 2 hits from resilients ( also nerfing the damage of some resilients with too much damage output).

As for moves and abilities, I like the idea of the confused counter, it’s interesting for fierce without stun resistance, tho i think most fierce creatures should be resistant or immune to stun instead of resilients monopolizing that resistance since the ones that have stunning moves are mostly resilient swappers( on a side note, more creatures, of all classes could use some on escape moves with dodge, shields, ferocity and healing). The other move you suggested, Swift shattering impact, is effective against being decelerated, but just like killer instinct, It helps fierce creatures creatures counter cunnings that can’t apply a multi turn distraction, so perhaps they aren’t the best option to make fierce better against resilients since It gives advantage against cunnings too.

Some good moves for fierce would be something like draining moves in Pokémon, that heal a certain amount of damage inflicted, the heal would not cleanse, so It would be affected by distracting moves, and since it’s based on damage inflicted, dodge would also serve as counter. They could be called devouring moves, that also Pierce armor and destroy shields. There could also be a version of this but with bleed, like vampiric moves that heal based on dot inflicted.

Another interesting concept is mixing bleed effects or ferocity effects with defense shattering moves, with lower percentenges on the bleed and ferocity to make It balanced.

Last one is Poison/Venom moves that someone else suggested in the forum, those moves would function like bleed but instead of being based on hp, It would be based on the attacker’s damage and could not be removed by swaping out If i remember correctly. This would be interesting for high damage fierce bleeders.


Those are all good suggestions, too!

The Swift move would only work if decelerated, so it would be more of a ‘use at your own risk’ for the opponent - if they believe they can take down the dino despite the instant hit, they can go for it. Alternatively, they can swap to a swap-in dodger or swap-in distracter to stop the priority effect. Misuse would lead to the next dino swapped in (which may unfortunately be a cunning) suffering. It would encourage people to think long and hard about their options, rather than just slowing everything down for an extra turn.


Oh i see, It wasn’t clear to me from the description, they looked the same on both situations since both had priority written there