Fierce swap in

Self: Cleanse Vulnerable
Target lowest HP: remove Shields and Taunt. Attack 1x, bypassing Armor. Swap Prevent, lasting 2 turns.

I’m a bit confused about this, on the image it has the sign that either means increased critical chance or increased damage. In the description however it doesn’t say that, is this a typo?


At this point I think the people in charge of naming abilities are not even trying anymore.


It’s just a swap in fierce strike. So yeah, why does it have the Ferocity icon? It’s also possible that the swap prevention is applied to the user, since that’s what all SIAs do?


@Ned anything that you know about this?

I don’t even think it’s a mistake in the notes, they might have just deliberately chosen this confusing icon because it’s “fierce” in the loosest sense - maybe someone confused “Fierce” and “Ferocious” somewhere down the line?


Just make sure it doesnt pin things that shouldnt be pinned cough phorex cough

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I’ll bring this feedback to our team, Sintrex. Thank you!

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It doesn’t, it only locks down the move’s user. So the description is very misleading.

They did fix Phorurex though, so that’s good at least.

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