Fierce Week! Which hybrid are you working on?

This is going to be a great week for just about everyone!

Which legendaries or uniques are you working towards ?

Thor :raising_hand_man:t4:
Magna :raising_hand_man:t4:
Tryko :raising_hand_man:t4:


Tenonto here I come

Good for you who work on magna, clear choice. I don’t know if I should go for the lite T-Rex or grabcashetator…

Tarbo, 9 T Rex Jr/5 irritator/4 gorgo and the only choice for the epic.

Tenonto for sure! Magna is really, really bad.

Yet another week though where they let those in L2 keep being the only ones to bump up their utarinex and dilos. Seriously frustrating.


Lol you’re totally right @DentalGuy86
Magna wouldn’t last two seconds in the aviary … at least not a baby magna anyway, it’s just been a goal of mine to unlock it :joy:

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My goals, create thor, then get thor to L24. Trex gen 2 spawns frequently, so I will be darting all the exclusive irritators. I’m confident magna will get a buff in the future. All for rexy of course :t_rex:


Magna isn’t “really really bad”. It may be somewhat disappointing due to rarity but at equal levels it’s dangerous. Not saying it doesn’t deserve some attention for a buff but “really really bad” just isn’t true.

Can we please get a week of Erlikosaurus…this is reaching meme levels of ignorance.


Magna will get a buff though for sure. But it loses to most things. Really bad is absolutely true. It’s crazy difficult to level , not fast enough, and low HP …


I would enjoy a week of Erliko just to build up the DNA but with the new rarity of Trex, Erlikdominus just cannot be on my team anymore. It’s impossible to run Indo and Tryko as well as Erlikdominus.


Most things at equal level? Not really.

Now, since it’s typically underleveled, yeah. But yes it’s a disappointing dino right now imo.

Well my Tyrannolophosaur is 180/200 til 19, but Tentosaurus is 1461/1500 til 18… on the other hand I’m 110/250 for magna and just need Irritator. So I’m torn.

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I think irritator is needs must for everyone for either your allies or just for the future. Tarbo and allo all the way and most deffinitely secodon for epic wink wink

Dartin what/however I feel on commons.
All Irritator on Rares… holding out hope for a Magna buff.
All Rex, that precious Rex :pray:t2:


Everyone’s gonna dart Rex this weekend and next week they’re gonna announce a super unique for Secondontarius…


I’d work on Trykosaurus… If I wasn’t sitting on 4782 T. Rex DNA with absolutely no Kentrosaurus and like 300 Ankylosaurus.

Though Irritator is appreciated. T. Rex is nice as well, but I would have preferred them giving like…

Dunno, Ouranosaurus? Erlikosaurus? Ankylosaurus? Kentrosaurus? Hell, even Gryposuchus… I’d like to, like, unlock stuff, not just stare at all those T. Rex DNA rotting away with nothing new to unlock.

(Not saying it is not useful, but I rather work on unlocking the remaining uniques than leveling stuff I don’t have enough coin to do anyway).


My game plan for next week,

Commons - Most attempts on Tarbosaurus to level mines up for Thor. The remaining attempts will be used on getting Nundasuchus up to 18.

Rares - Half on Irritator half on Trex G2 getting to level 15…

Epics - All Trex just to stockpile it.

I have like 3700 Secondontosaurus DNA with it already being lvl 13 or 14. I am pretty safely stocked on Seco.

Tarbo, Trex gen 2 and Trex for me.