Fierce Week! Which hybrid are you working on?

Allo then Irritator or gorgosaurus then Trex.

I will hunt all irritators i can :smile: and maye 50-50 on epics cus secodontossaurus will eventually get a hybrid soon
Nullifying strike
Distracting impact
Defense chatering rampage
Critical impact

I’ve been neglecting to take all my attempts at Commons and Rares lately due to work, but definitely looks like I’m going to have to get out and use those attempts this week! Especially for those Rares. I’m thinking I’ll do something like this:

MTW: Tarbosaurus and Allosaurus (maybe 50/10 or 40/20)
TR-F: T-Rex G2
SA/SU: T-Rex

Fingers crossed that I can unlock Tyrannolophosaur by New Year’s… :slight_smile:

Give me that tarbo and rex’s!

Ludia is excellent at pairing multiple Dino’s that I need desperately. Appreciate the circulation most definitely but cmon guys I need both irritator and Rex gen 2 :frowning:

Tho I need both a lot I’ll prob have to choose irritator cuz I still usually see at least 1 Rex g2 on average per day.

Thora! :raising_hand_man:t2:

Thora, 1-2 more lvls for Magna, tenotorex

Common - Tarbo
Rare - aaaarrrrrgggghhh - torn … as much as I want T-Rex G2, I do see them in the wild so has to be Irritator … but won’t walk past a TG2
Epic - Secondo all the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Woah - two T-Rex G2 this morning and 50 40 on the fuses - L18 Tyranno now 90/200

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Should it be compared to equal levels though. This one in particular is drip fed to players so I’d go out on a limb and say that almost all players with Magna have it at lower levels than thier other Dino’s.

Turbosauro to evolve Thor to 23 and that begins to be minimally useful, although in the end, as always, I will have to pick up what I find.

T Rex for indoraptor the weekend.

Regarding the rare, it is not easy. I guess T Rex 2 but since I do not have Tenontosauro (and I do not think I’ll find them the week that happens at the event despite spending hours and hours on the street) I can hardly ever create the Epic. Another option would be Irritator but neither motivates me too much neither the Pyrritator nor the epic “little pig with thorns”.

Welp, it can never hurt to stock up on Allo and Tarbo for their hybrids (Even though I’m nowhere near close to making them xP)

I need to strive on collecting Irritator & Rex G2 - Pyrritator is suuuper powerful when she’s R2c, and I want to unlock Tyrannolophosaur ;-;

Rexy is a given because I want to level my Indom up to 20 to start on Indo x3

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Me too, my Tyrannalophasaur is 140/150 to get to lvl 18…need Trex gen 2, Tarbo and Trex epic… :slight_smile: