Fierce week

So this is what will be coming this week.

Im darting
Draco gen 2
Allo gen 2?

What about you

How would you rate this week

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Really happy, needed gorgo and trex gen2 for indominus Rex tranolophosaur and gorgosuchus

What about scorpius gen 3


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No like why use the gorgo on gorgosuches

Oh, yeah why use gorgo on gorgosuchus?? It isn’t too great

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Oh come on

Usually epics are good in these weeks but here. They are pretty bad

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I can get beautiful alberto dna! :heart_eyes:
weeks seems good, commons prob draco for obvious hybrid reasons, rares… mainly albert, and some of the others for indotaur and scorp 3, epics a bit of all, and the master strike could help with some extra indotaur dna


I’m going draco gen 2, alberto and gorgo, and Allo gen 2. Hopefully I’ll have enough to get her to 22