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Fifteen 10 point dna fuses in a row with epic dna


I love when that happens. You spend two months getting some epic dna just to get 10 dna fuse point 20 times in a row. Makes me want to keep playing forever.


That means you are in for some big fuses soon head up it happens to us all


This is exactly why i dont save up dna for fuses… the way this games rng works is always hard streaks one way or the other… if i start getting 10s… i go fuse a rare like eiono or majunga for a bit…

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When you get that 100 point fuse :drooling_face:


It feels like all the 10s was worth it


I wouldn’t say getting a 100 always feels great… Especially when it happens on a dino you just wanted for the sake of completion, and all your legendary and unique fuses have been 10 instead.


It always does to me!


I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for ages for such a big fuse on my Magna… It’s just been 10 after 10 after 10 after 10, one of the most painful journeys to unlock and even after that all I get are 10s with the odd 20.

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Welcome to Jurassic World Alive.

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Yep I dropped huge coins leveling dimetredon to L20 and leveling Pyirritator 18 fuses for 300 DNA (average of 16.6) then proceeded to get 10,10, 10, 10, 10, 20, 10 on Magna. I don’t even want the thing really as it’s pretty rubbish Unique but I’ve wasted Soooooooo much resources into it now it’s too late to turn back now.


I did 6 10s in a row on alossinossaurus i know the feeling


So i ask, what u need to fuse a lvl 29 to 30?
It will need 1000 DNA.
So to fuse indoraptor, u need 50 Irex and 2000 Velo…
On average of 20/fuse, you need to fuse 50 times, which means 2500 IRex and 100,000 velo DNA.
Ok, do the math what u need to get Irex which needs 50 Trex and 500 velo, in order to let u fuse 50 times…is just crazy numbers.


It’s everyday story of mine while fusing DNA. I’ve been going through same agony :tired_face:


For me, getting a 100 hardly makes up for spamming 10s.