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"Fifth Rank" Achievement bugged (Solved)

Bug Description:
The achievement for reaching level 5 appears locked even though I’m currently well above the requirement. I’m currently max level/20

Area is was found in:
The achievements tab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Unlock/get the previous level achievements 1 to 4
Level 5 one stays locked regardless of level. Even though it’s only requirement is to “reach player level 5”

How often does it happen:
It’s always there, so far restarting the game doesn’t fix it.

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 6 Plus

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

There’s other achievements you need to complete before you can unlock it for completion.



Wish that was more clear from the get go, because that little “reach level 5” is misleading.


It does say below that the achievement is locked though


Though I interpreted it as once you’d reach level 5 it’d unlock. Oh well guess I gotta keep achievement hunting lol

You got to clear the tower achievement it seems. The one where you have to beat 3 Beginner Towers.


I just found the same thing. I completed my third beginner tower and then I was able to unlock the L5 achievement. Once I did that, I then got a new one for getting 5 direct hits on a single dino. I completed that and that unlocked the one for L6 and 8 more. Those all opened up other ones…

So, it seems like many achievements that I already have satisfied need to be unlocked by other unrelated ones.

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