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Fifty. Nine. Points. Was mid-battle; then "Match Timed Out" and couldn't reenter. Lost 59 points. Then, it happened AGAIN

Fifty points this time. I’m down over 250 points from the “timed out” factor alone since yesterday. It would be 300 points, except for the single battle yesterday where the opponent timed out and I gained back 50. This is absolutely terrible, Ludia. The Elo-based system for scoring was materially flawed before and needed to change, but this new system is purely awful. It’s doubly insulting that the opponent had just introduced the game’s life-sucking parasite, Dracoceratops. I can’t believe what a turn this game has taken. I’m an advocate for this game, and have much respect for the bones and the thoughtful mechanics and math behind the battle system in general.

Fix it. There are three VIP memberships in this household that are on the verge of being canceled.

I know there are other threads about this, but this needs to stand alone until being merged.

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